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Tools & Information

Here are links to some common tools and quality sources of information.

WARNING: NEVER download a software tool or any file / attachment from a site you do not recognise. 

We only link to software providers websites or the information source directly.  

TeamViewer can be used to provide remote (over the internet) technical assistance. It’s secure and cannot be used without user permission.

Zoom supports voice and video chat over the internet.

Downdetector will give you an indication if a website or service is not available or having difficulties.

haveibeenpwned? is a resource to see if your email address has been compromised following corporate data breaches.

Get Safe Online provides some really useful advice on how to stay safe.

UK Gov NCSC highlights some of the best, most useful guides to protect you, your family and your business.

All icons used are from the providers. All links are to the source websites.

 Yorkshire HomeTech accepts no responsibility for their content, use or misuse.